Oracle Cards is provided as a service to humanity, developed as a labor of love with the overall goal of discovering the keys that unlock the treasure hidden within.  Using the system provided here, an individual might come to know the bridge that connects the Ego, Soul and Spirit - all through the functioning of the Higher Mind.

Christopher Littlefield is a software architect by trade, having over 25 years experience in the software industry.  Operating through the software development unit of iRepattern, Christopher has been designing, developing and maintaining large-scale software systems since 1996.  I am he.

As a researcher in both occult and scientific investigation, I have come to develop software products that aid in solving many of todays problems.   For example, the Nutrient Finder is a product that I developed which can be used to analyze the nutrient values of foods foods based on the USDA nutrient database SR 16-1. Test-drive this product on the web, or download a PC based version to run on your machine for personal use.

Off and on since the mid 1980's, I have taken time away from work and social activities in order look within, to contact the Spirit behind the form.  Early on I practiced palmistry as a way to help people discover the strengths and challenges that I was able to see in their hands.  Later I started doing intuitive readings for people using various card decks.  I especially enjoyed the Cartouche, a deck of cards based on Egyptian myth and symbology. 

Around the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 I was studying and meditating on the chakras, while working with a group of mystics channeling the Higher Self.  This group work made an indelible mark on my character, which became apparent when I had gone back to start a new work project.  I was not able to gather with the group in person, but during my meditations I was getting the same messages as the group.   When I discovered this during a subsequent phone conversation, it became apparent to me that we are all connected through some sort of spiritual matrix that is not affected by proximity.  Later, while meditating in nature I received the guidance that it is the element Air that essentially connects us all.  It all seemed quite interesting back then, but now it becomes obvious when viewed in terms of the chakras.  Essentially, it has long been known that it is the Heart that connects all humanity.  Additionally though, the 4th chakra (Heart) has always been associated with the element Air. 

In the mid to late 1990's I was first introduced to the science of the cards, and immediately felt connected to them.  This is not unusual though; I have met many card readers who state that they felt the instant resonance also.  It seemed curious that so many different character types could experience the same fundamental feeling when being introduced to these cards.  It was not until recently that I came to realize that the feeling we were all connecting to was part of our karmic history, and the connection goes all the way back to Atlantis.

As time goes on, many more people will start remembering their Atlantean life experience.  This is due largely to the simple concept of harmonics, where the vibratory rate of the planet is closely approximating that of the Atlantean era.  The patterns ingrained in our Karmic History are vibrating at the same rate as the planet, and memories (or feelings) of the original imprint are starting to emerge.  The connection that we have with our Atlantean roots will continue to grow as we share our insights and experiences with others.  I have found the use of these cards to be an exceptional tool to help awaken the Cherub within (see the Glossary).  The intuitive guidance will grow with time as we use this system, as will the memory of the original imprint associated with these Atlantean Oracles.  The value of creating a feedback loop to our Atlantean roots cannot be overstated.  By taking the time right now, humanity as a whole may find a way to avert the mistakes that became apparent far too late for our Atlantean ancestors.


Oracle Cards is dedicated to the Mystic Brotherhood, those Beings of Light who were especially exposed through their servant upon earth, Olney Richmond.  My desire is to be of service to these Light Bringers as well, and hope that this work be as a bridge to their wisdom.

A special thanks goes out to those individuals who have worked to foster the Love & Light that is so necessary for the nourishment of the human Soul.  Through the undying effort of these courageous individuals, the Earth has remained a sacred place for the evolution of humanity.

The effort required to maintain such a Love indicates a willingness to face the karmic debt of not just the the current life, but that of the Soul as well.  By doing the work necessary to unearth the very stuff in need of transformation, the human can rise above the Individual Desire in a way that unites them with the universal Love of the Creator.  For the undying effort of these dedicated individuals, I am eternally grateful.

An equal note of gratitude goes out to those individuals who have kept the sacred knowledge just that, Sacred.  The mystery of Life requires that we each strive to know the Creator, and in that the Sacred Mystery will be unveiled.  The unveiling process itself is our contact with Divine Bliss, and it is to those who hold this sacred knowledge that I gratefully acknowledge.