This Advanced section of Oracle Cards is for those who are truly seeking the gem buried in this mystical science.

The topics presented here represent the culmination of my effort to uncover the mystical forces that operate upon any card in the deck.  Rather than give specific descriptions of how individual cards will operate, the approach taken here is to expose how universal forces operate upon these cards based on their position within the framework.  See the Extended Theory topic to see how other authors, such as Edith Randall and Florence Campbell (Sacred Symbols of the Ancients), Robert Camp (, Thomas Morrell ( and others have evolved the science of the cards in their own way.

I went back to 'The Mystic Test Book', the original reference presented by Olney Richmond, as a basis from which to extend the theories brought forth regarding this card science.  From a point of silence while pondering this great mystical work, the following topics have come to be known.

It is my belief that if we can come to understand how we as humans fit into the scheme of our cosmic reality, we may be able to use this science in order to make positive changes in our world. 


The Karmic Wheel

This topic describes how the mechanical nature of the quadratic shuffle causes 45 of the 52 cards in the deck to follow each other in an unbroken chain.  This creates a wheel of sorts, where the remaining 7 cards that are fixed and binary state are anchored at the hub of the wheel.

  • By rotating the wheel clockwise, the movement the birth card through the various houses in the framework is shown.
  • By rotating the wheel counter-clockwise, it shows the movement of Cards through the birth card house with each quadration.
    • Looking in the moon spread will reveal that the house your birth card is in represents your moon card.
    • And in reflection, your rising card will be sitting in your sun spread house.

The 3 Major Spreads

This topic describes how movement upon the karmic wheel operates in both directions simultaneously.  As a result of the karmic wheel movement, 3 different spreads will be discussed that represent the steady state (sun spread, clockwise direction (rising spread) and counter-clockwise direction (moon spread).

The 90 Quadrations

This topic describes the symmetry that is expressed in the layout of the 90 quadrations.  It also simplifies the layout and reduces the number of quadrations from 90 to 45, then groups these into 22 unique components (Oracles).

  • The phenomenon of the binary state cards has been analyzed in a new way.  Because both pairs of these binary state twins always share their partner's house as well as their own, they retain ownership of both locations.  Due to this, the 90 quadrations can now be seen as 2 sets of 45 quadrations each.

The 22 Oracles

This topic describes how to use the 22 quadrate components in a reading.  It defines the relationship between these 22 Oracles and the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

  • For a full reading, the moon spread, sun spread> and rising spread are always analyzed together.  The sun spread is seen as the presence of our pure potential and remains as it always is, while the moon spread and rising spread change in relation to the quadrating of the deck for each year.  This reduces the number of actual Oracle interpretations down to 22.

Chakras & Astrology

This topic describes how to map the 7 chakras and the zodiac of astrology over the framework we have been using.  Further, it defines how the chakra/astrology-sign combinations are used with the planetary ruler of any row in the sun spread, rising spread or moon spread.

  • Each row in the framework is ruled by the planet assigned to that row, which is placed at the right of the row.  This planetary ruler is for reading the rising spread.  In addition, each row has its Moon planetary ruler, which is present on the left of the row.  There is a direct relationship between the 2 sets of planetary rulers (see Planetary Pairs).
  • The columns in the general framework are represented by the 7 chakras.   Each chakra has a dualistic (positive/negative, male/female, day/night, etc.) representation.  Likewise, each column is represented by a sign that describes its day/night energy for that chakra.  In other words, the 1st chakra is governed through Aquarius by day, and Capricorn by night. 
  • When reading for any card in the rising spread, use the planetary ruler on the right of the row and the sign present in the column along the bottom.  Also, when reading for the moon spread, use the planetary ruler on the left of the row in the diagram along with the sign in the column along the top of the diagram.

The Ace of Spades

This topic exposes some of the hidden details regarding this card.  The path that the Ace of Spades makes through the Oracles defines the archetypal energy present for any house in the Karmic Wheel.

  • The movement of the through the years as the deck is being quadrated is used to give that house in the general framework its number in the 22 Oracles of the Tarot.  For instance, in year 0 of the rising spread (at the moment of birth) the is in the 1st row, 7th column (the house owned by the in the sun spread).  What this means is that that house in the sun spread is a reflection of the '0 Oracle', and is represented by The Fool in the Tarot.  This is for the rising spread; the moon spread for Oracle 0 shows that the is in a different house.