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As with any system of divination, much of the usefulness of such a system rests with the abilities and earnest desire of the individual reader.  Any presentation offered regarding esoteric knowledge will be colored by the personality of the author who brings forth the work.  If there is an earnest desire on the part of the author to offer such a work, and if it is provided as an act of service to the whole of humanity, my feeling is that the author will be granted access to the wellspring of knowledge available.  My desire in offering this work is that it be as a catalyst to the seeker within.  By aligning with the ideal of 'Seeking the Highest' (or seeking God), this work may provide a platform from which to understand the dynamics of such a journey more fully.  May you be blessed in this endeavor.

It is important to remember, the presentation is not the knowledge.

There is no one-to-one correspondence between the symbology that represents any esoteric science and the presentation regarding the expression of that science.  As an example, Einstein presented the theory E = mc2.  It is a formula that advanced mathematicians can prove using available mathematical theories.  However, any scientist who offers such a solution will have a presentation that is slightly different than their associates, and sometimes quite different.  The point of all of this is that, essentially, the formula remains as is whereas the solving of the formula (presentation) can differ.  Furthermore, it is well known that the formula itself is far more accurate than any expression describing it.

Any Card Interpreter should be willing to evolve their own presentation.

From my revelations regarding the ancient use of this card science, it was an art form practiced by the priests and priestesses during the Atlantean empire.  The path of discovery was driven by the desire to know God, or Creator.  As part of that path, they presented their insights along the way to those seeking guidance, thereby receiving the feedback From God through the person (or people) present.

Towards the end-times where Atlantis was about to crash, this practice had become more of a religion, or even a science. Much of the presentation crystallized to such a point that it became distasteful to many adept practitioners.  Along with this, other practitioners went on to take up service as scientists of the time.

It was the unholy evolution of that science which set the stage for the destruction of Atlantis.  Many who still practiced the use of the cards did not quickly enough discover what was to come because they had become equally adamant about their form of presentation.  A rare few circumvented this tragedy by migrating to high places prior to the collapse. 

Following Atlantis, the priest/priestess community that had migrated to the lands of Egypt and South America maintained the inner teachings of the cards.  Of the common folk, the gypsies maintained a practical use of the cards as a form of divination, but to them was lost the original desire which was so important to the priestess and priest of old.  Luckily, there has always been—and always will remain—a permanent connection between these cards and the Creator of this pack of cards.  I believe that, driven by that same initial desire present with the seekers of Atlantis, we can again partake in that amazing source of knowledge.

The stage is set for history to repeat itself again, but my hope is that this time any catastrophe will be circumvented due to the efforts provided by earnest seekers of this ancient, magical art.  The ultimate blessing provided by practicing the language of these cards has always been to gain a deeper understanding of the natural connections that we have with each other as humans.  And in the revelation of seeing ourselves, through each other, we recognize The Creator behind the form.

Personal reflections and suggestions regarding the chakras.

The content presented here is largely symbolic.  A great amount of work has been done by countless authors—both ancient and present day—regarding the chakras.  I recommend that you digest it with an open mind and open heart.  Note that there are many inconsistencies in the various references. Therefore, it is important to read through the topics with the intention of receiving the inner guidance necessary to gain the deeper insights. 

I have been working with the chakras for over 20 years and it has not been until recently that I have been able to put into words this content.  I credit much of the underlying structure presented here to the works I discovered at  On top of that I have woven the fabric of my own meditations and insights into a language I use to describe the inner and outer workings of the chakras.  Not only has provided a solid presentation on the chakras, but many other ancient and esoteric teachings as well.  You may note that there are differences in how astrological influences are presented between this resource and, but it's important to remember that this sort of inconsistency is common throughout the various resources. 

As a rule of thumb, if a topic is confusing or hard to understand you might be well served to just skim through it and come back to it later.  This is especially important when you consider the amount of content presented here. Some of what was presented in 'The Mystic Test Book' was out of my grasp initially, but quite a bit took hold.  The more I have studied and meditated on this subject, the more has become available to me.

May you be Blessed with divine guidance as you read through this work.  And as you take this into your task as planetary healers, may the life, love and wisdom reveal through your voice your Soul purpose.