Membership provides access to the inner workings of the OracleCards framework.

For over 15 years I have been developing the OracleCards material.  There are many layers of information that sit atop the framework first published by Olney Richmond in his original card science reference 'The Mystic Test Book'.  Finding a way through all of this information can be a daunting experience, and for that reason I have prepared an advanced set of tools to help in the process.  Access to these tools is available to those wishing to become members of this project.  I will continue to add to and enhance these tools as I am guided by spirit, and encourage all who wish to join me in this unfoldment to consider membership.  The tools are designed to help in the development of an understanding of the terminology such that the practice of this science can come to be a self-transforming process. 

For those who are guided to continue development on their own, I heartily encourage you to follow your inspiration.  My greatest hope is that this project has been effective in helping to awaken the inner thinker, as well as acting as a point of inspiration for unveiling the psychic process of self-discovery.  There are many ways in which to use these cards for divination and I hope this presentation has struck the psychic notes of your karmic memory.  I shall continue to maintain and enhance this web site as time and spirit guidance permit, and always encourage questions and comments.

OracleCards exposes a framework through which the universal archetypal forces can come to be known.  The framework is designed so that many esoteric studies can be seen to integrate together in ways that are unique to each individual.  It is my hope that the work presented here becomes a catalyst to the awakening 'seer within', what I call the Cherub.  By studying the archetypal forces that are indicated within this material, an individual transformation can occur through the awakening of the inner voice, or intuition.  This voice is our direct contact with our Cherub counterpart--essentially the direct access to our spirit.

In the process of analyzing the OracleCards, I have come to enjoy this system for a number of reasons:

  • By practicing the card science, the intuitive body kicks in and provides a new language of communication. 
    • By verbalizing the energy patterns that are seen during analysis, direct contact with spirit is achieved.
    • By exposing the archetypal forces indicated during analysis, they become visible to the outer conscious awareness.
    • Eventual awakening to the presence of these forces is a profound experience, and making a practice of it then becomes an ongoing self-transforming process.
  • By studying and developing the content of the OracleCards material, the mystical nature of these archetypal symbols have been revealed in numerous ways. 
    • Interwoven into the fabric of the system is a language of symbol, providing the possibility for communication on many levels.
    • Though words are used to convey the symbolic messages, the symbols themselves are more profound than any words ever used to describe them.
    • Developing the technique of deciphering these symbols reveals a path back to the spirit force behind the manifestation.
  • The membership will provide a means of energy transfer between myself and each member.
    • This will create a bond of sorts that will compel me to continually provide new content and services.
    • In turn, each member will be compelled to do the work necessary to discover more fully the depth of this work.
  • Also, the membership will provide a forum for individuals to exchange ideas, request services, and become adept in analyzing this card science.

The initial content of the members area includes:

  • Individual topics on each of the 7 chakras as the cards interact with the associated planets and signs.
    • A Reference section has been prepared that shows how the zodiac can be folded, revealing polarity alignments for the Sun, Moon and Rising spreads.
    • A Chakra Bridge topic has been developed for each of the 7 chakras exposing the interaction of the planetary rulers associated with the signs indicated.

These advanced tools are always in the state of enhancement, and new tools or features are integrated seamlessly.  There is never a need to upgrade your system as it is an automatic feature of this web-based delivery model.

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