Evolution and Extension of the Theories presented in 'The Mystic Test Book'

This represents the original presentation on the science of the cards as provided by Richmond.  Since then, various authors have extended the theories regarding the use of the cards.  One important matter to ponder is the fact that Olney described the layout of the cards in their natural order (the sun spread) as a purely mathematical formulation, devoid of individual magnetism.  This would extend to each quadration derived from that spread.   I think it is important to take this statement into account when extending the theories regarding this science.  However as you will see, most of the literature written after Olney Richmond regarding the cards has largely omitted it.

In Sacred Symbol of the Ancients (SSA) - Edith L. Randall and Florence Evylinn Campbell extended the theory presented by Olney.  The description of the card science regarding the origin, symbology, and quadration of the deck was taken directly from the original reference, and has remained intact since then.  There is quite a bit of content provided in this exceptional reference.  I have only touched on a small part of it.

  • The placement of the 7 planets under the 7 columns of the spread was introduced.  Where the planet for each row represented the ruler for that row, the planet under each column represented the ruler for that card in the row.
  • The direction of progress to use when reading a card was introduced as from right to left, and from top down.
  • The discovery of the Displacement card, being the card in the sun spread (Perfect spread in SSA) which owns the position you are reading in the rising spread (Mundane spread in SSA), was first described.
  • A planetary sequence was applied to the 7 cards following the birth card being read in the rising spread.  Reading from right to left, and top down, each card following the birth card was associated with a planet from the original sequence of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Robert Camp (http://www.7thunders.com/), who studied under Arnie Lein, has further extended the study.  Robert exposed the phenomena of the 'Circle of 45' (here called the Karmic Wheel) which is based on an observation of how the cards move throughout the deck while quadrating it.  The movement of each card is purely mechanical, and of great use in understanding how the 90 quadrations fit into the framework of doing a reading using the cards.  In addition, Robert has added a significant volume of newer information regarding the science of the cards that is well worth studying.

Thomas Morrell (http://magicrown.tripod.com/) has brought forth additional data in his book "Planetary Progressions In the Mystic Quadrates", and many others.  Thomas has an innate sense of planetary cycles and integrates that into his many varied references.

Many gifted card readers and mystics have furthered this science through their personal readings and, in some cases, published works.  I have found 'Cards of Destiny' by Sharon Jeffers (http://www.starofthemagi.com/) to be an outstanding reference for those seeking individual card interpretations.

Oracle Cards extends the original theory provided by Olney Richmond

For a description of how OracleCards extends the original theory presented by Richmond, read on, and then see the Advanced section of this website.

When I first started studying the book of cards, I could not understand why some of the cards were given descriptions as they were.  It did not stop me from delving deeper, but it was a sore spot in the back of my mind that was needing to be addressed.  Finally I found Olney Richmond's book, 'The Mystic Test Book', and things started to change for me.  I realized that this simple book of playing cards is a puzzle.  It intrigued me that it was developed in the Atlantean Age since I already had memories of that time frame.  Olney was an amazing character, and I can honestly say that I only scratched the surface of his mathematical genius.

But as a card interpreter, I found his descriptions to be somewhat fatalistic.  Knowing that I could not match his mental genius, I decided to ask for guidance from Spirit.  I decided to forget about all that I had read about the cards, and to focus specifically on the Richmond reference.  From a point of silence while pondering the 'quadration to time' presentation, I first discovered how the 7 chakras mapped out over the framework.

This was the beginning of my journey towards uncovering the jewels that are presented here at Oracle Cards.  In the process I have come to discover that my ability to perceive these oracles does not come so much through a scientific mental approach, but rather through an innate sense of symmetry that I see interwoven into the fabric of this system.  Thus, I have learned to trust in my inner guidance, and in the process have come to understand the symbolic language that operates beneath the surface of the framework.   My hope in providing this work is that it be an inspiration and a catalyst to awaken the inner thinker, a bridge that will connect the Above with Below.

After years of studying these archetypal characters, I have come to know them personally in a way that I never dreamed possible.  The framework provided by Olney was a bare-bones structure to me at first, but now I can see the way in which many mystical sciences can interpenetrate the framework of these cards in a way that is both elegant and profound.