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Harmonics of the Framework

The harmonics spoken of here are a result of the symmetry in the matrix row and column positions. Use this tool to scroll through the different combinations, taking into account all 4 points of the paired oppositions (see below).  You can also click on a card to see the harmonics. Clear the value in the harmonics controller to reset the system.

The columns of the 7x7 matrix are reflective of the chakras, labeled 1-7 from right-to-left. The rows are planetary—or vibratory—influences (as indicated by the emblems on the sides of each row), labeled 1-7 from top-to-bottom.  The row atop the matrix is the 'Sun' row, and could be labeled either '0' or '8'.

Both Mercury and Venus are fundamental in that they color our experience due to the nature of their higher vibration.  Notice that the top 2 rows of the matrix contain only hearts, with the exception of the .  This is a clue leading to a deeper understanding of the suits.

When the row or column is an odd number then it relates to intention, and likewise the even numbered rows and columns are based in desire (see below).

When a harmonic is selected there are lines drawn between the emblems to connect the paired opposites.  Note that due to the mechanics of the matrix, there is a fixed relationship between the numbers as follows:  1-10, 2-9, 3-8, 4-7, 5-6. J-K, and Q-Q.  Scroll through the list of harmonics and note the relationships.

The 7x7 Matrix is encoded as a result of the natural order being laid out as shown above (see Solar Book).  Starting with the the in the top right position, going from right-to-left for each row and continuing through each of the 7 rows.  The last 3 cards are placed atop the matrix.  These 3 sun cards connect the matrix to the greater cosmos, and have the ability to interact within the matrix in any manner desired.  As always, desire is balanced with intention.

Desire is Balanced with Intention

For this discussion, the term desire refers to the passive state where, through the process of self-reflection, we experience the feeling of what we have versus what we want.  The motto here is to 'know what you want'.  If in the end we did not spend any time deciding what we actually wanted from life, we will likely not have it in death.  If on the other hand, if we were clear on what we wanted...but never looked deeply at why it was important to have, In death we may end up burdened with attachments that we wish we never wanted.  Therefore, the second part to the motto is 'know why you want it'.  Intention is revealed when we look at desire in this way, and doing so will often cause us to alter the feeling of what it is we want.  As this new feeling plays out for a while, eventually we will need to check our intention again.  The end result of this entire process is to know that in perfection there are no accidents.  The interaction of intention and desire will always prove the moment, and therefore analyzing either in the moment will inevitably unveil the mystery.

Use the tool above to expose the row and column positions for your birth card, and for those of your friends.  When the row or column is an odd number then it relates to intention, and likewise the even numbered rows and columns are based in desire.  It will be noted that when going through the harmonic combinations, some will embed both components of desire and intention, while others may only create relationships of either desire or intention.  For instance, click the ace hearts card and notice that all 4 of the cards are of the polatiry labeled intention (row 1 and 7, col 1 and 7). These people may need to seek relationship with those having the desire component accentuated in order to reflect that which is missing. Likewise, the 9 hearts has all 4 of its cards of the polatiry labeled desire (row 2 and 6, col 2 and 6), and would liekly need an influence having the intention component accentuated. 

Paired Opposites

Whenever we discuss the nature of '4', it is always representative of the dualistic nature of polarity.  The prime numbers '1' and the '2' unite to create the 'creative moment' (3)—the masculine principal, through the vessel of the void (0)—the feminine principal.

In the cards, the suits are laid out in the natural order where the hearts are 1, clubs 2, diamonds 3 and spades 4.  There is a transformation that causes the 4 to go back into the 1, and thus the loop is continued indefinitely!  Essentially the transformation is the melding of 4 (through the void of 0) as it transitions into the 1.  In Greek mythology this transition occurred in the winter season (spades), marking the time when Persephone went back to her mate in the underworld, Hades.  In simplified terms, Hades is the overlord of our body (which is fitting as it represents the nature of the transformation), while Zeus is the overlord of our soul (our spiritual counterpart).  

In the realm of Hades, throughout life we have been building a seat or throne, where we sit when we die and are transitioning into spirit.  In each of lifes moments, our memory is stamped with the desire and intention that was beneath it, whether it be hidden or not.  Along with this will be attached all of the excuses that have been made to explain why we acted the way we did.  When we die, we will relive these moments as we sit on the throne of our memories.  The only problem is that all of the excuses will fall away, to be left only with the desire and intention beneath them.

When we 'take a seat' before we die, we have the opportunity of seeing what we will inevitably get in the future anyway, and thus will have time to transform it before its too late.  We can induce this transformative process by creating the intention and desire necessary to bring the self back into equilibrium.  Inevitably somebody will show up in our life with the ability of pushing all of the buttons necessary to test the durability of the newfound desire and intention.  In these moments we can transform those habitual patterns that are not supporting our greater welfare.  When we approach the throne, we deal with the residue of our own mistakes.  Generally the residue will reflect attachments made to people or things where the choices made were for greedy or self-serving purposes.  The result is that we now need to experience 'detachment'...or loss.  Many have decided to transition as deeply as possible in these years, and thus the 'seat' can get mighty hot.

Additionally though, when we strive to create a life-enhancing, all encompasing mindset where we raise life choices up to the highest, it might follow that we accumulate wealth beyond what we need. Since we are not attaching to the wealth, it should not be a burden to let go if it, though sometimes a judgment may arise as to who is worthy enough to receive the excess.  The understanding of how best to distribute wealth will be a natural byproduct of the endeavour of creating the wealth in the first place. My rule of thumb is, if the judgment is stronger than the commitment to stay in equilibrium, its time to regroup.  Remember, the hot seat requires that someone appear that has the ability to push the necessary buttons for the transformation to occur!

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