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Interactive Tool

This is a complex tool that lets you do a personal reading, but then saves the order of your cards based on the reading, and then allows you to view that reading using the Matrix tool.

  • It is important to start the reading, and wait until it is ready to quadrate for the tool to be of any use. Looking back at the directions for how to do a reading, it explains how your personal magnetism is used to re-order the deck based on shuffling and cutting within the required parameters.

Once you are ready to Quadrate the deck, you can click the 'Show Matrix View' button and have the reading transferred to that view. The ability to see the Moon and Rising charts, along with your personal reading layout of the cards can be of great importance for those who are looking deeper into the workings of this system.

The next update to the code will allow for using the Gateway View of the cards in order to do your analysis.

Stay Tuned!