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Personal Reading Tool

Before you start, time yourself to see how many seconds it takes to shuffe the deck of cards one time.  Do this a few times to get an average value.  This number can then be entered into the 'Shuffle Interval' field of the tool.  The 'Cut Interval' value is set at '20 seconds', as per Richmonds' instructions.

  • To remove the 'Shuffle Interval' feature, just erase the value before starting the reading.  At least one shuffle of the deck is required, and the auto-shuffle feature will kick in if needed.

After 60 seconds the shuffle segment of the reading will be complete, and the reading will autometically enter the 'cutting of the deck' phase.  You will need to cut the deck one time per 20 second interval, for a total of 3 cuts.  If you don't click the 'Cut the Deck' button within the interval limit, the auto-cut feature will do it for you.

After the last cut, the 'Quadrate the Deck'' button will be available and all timers will stop.  Since the quadration itself is not affected by any random effects, it doesn't really matter at which second you choose to click the 'Quadrate the Deck' button.  But the reading will not be complete until you do so.

When ready, click the 'Start Reading' button and visualize yourself shuffling the deck.  Click the 'Shuffle the Deck' button at the appropriate visualized time.  If you don't click 'Shuffle' before the interval time is up, the auto-shuffle feature will kick in and do it for you.

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