The Chakra System represents the manifestation of Divine Light being stepped down and focused at specific locations in the physical body

The Ajna Chakra - The Upper Tan Tien

Element N/A
Sense Organ The Mind
Meaning Ajna means 'command', being the location where the other chakras are guided
Location Called the 3rd Eye (centrally located between the eyebrows)
No. Petals 96 (48*2)
Deity Paramashiva

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The Ajna Chakra - The Upper Tan Tien

The diagram on the left is designed as a symbolic map to show how universal consciousness interpenetrates the Crown and Ajna chakras.  The violet diamond shape is a reference to the Crown chakra, with the actual point of contact being above the head and the connecting point in the body being the Pineal gland.

Divine Light enters through the Crown and reflects off a crystalline structure in the Pineal gland, separating the vibration into the 3 rays of visible light.  Those rays of light are then directed to the 3 Forehead chakras, and from there are reflected onto the central Brow chakra.  When the rays are focused such that the consciousness becomes apparent, it represents the 3rd Eye, or Eye of Shiva.  The Brow acts as a retina of sorts and provides the arena for the universal consciousness to unfold, here called the Dance of Shiva.

As yang energy moves up the governor channel along the back of the body, an imprint of the human endeavor is projected onto the Brow via the Back of Head chakra.  This imprint, here called the Dance of Life, is directly related to the astral projection radiating out from the Solar Plexus chakra, essentially exposing the current state of the Soul's evolution for this life (created seed).

Ajna is considered a subtle consciousness center, therefore not part of the microcosmic orbit where Chi energy circulates.  The Upper Tan Tien cauldron in this image would be associated with the violet diamond shape.

~ Secondary Chakras ~

The Brow Chakra

The Brow chakra is most closely associated with the archetypal Ajna chakra, being located in the central channel behind the brows.   Generally associated with ordinary or waking consciousness, when activated through meditation or contemplation the Brow chakra constitutes the 3rd Eye.  Through the 3rd Eye, an individual contacts the higher mind, making available the faculty of psychic perception and clairvoyance (see Brow chakra).

Back of the Body (Yang) Front of the Body (Yin)
The Back of the Head Chakra The Manas (Lower Forehead) Chakra
The Chandra (Middle Forehead) Chakra
The Upper Forehead Chakra

Back of the Head Chakra - Bindu

The Back of the Head chakra (Bindu) is situated slightly above the center of the back of the head, opposite the 3 forehead chakras running down the front at the brow.  Bindu is the location where the drop of divine nectar enters the physical vehicle from the realm of cosmic consciousness.  This nectar is then rarified in the brow at the moment of birth.  Throughout life, Bindu remains active providing this divine nectar to the higher vehicles of the physical body.  Essentially the nectar drips down and gets stored in the Lalana chakra.  During states of deep meditation or contemplation, this nectar then becomes available to the Vishuddha chakra, and thus becomes the nourishment of the Soul.

The Back of the Head chakra also has a fundamental purpose of creating a point of balance for the 3 forehead chakras.   The 3 primary rays of Divine Light (life, love and wisdom) enter through the forehead chakras, and are directed to the Brow chakra, while simultaneously the Back of the Head chakra responds by transmitting the yang energy traveling up the back of the body.  There in the Brow, the universal mind absorbs with the yang energy flowing through the Will Channel making the Brow chakra an arena for the dance of the Soul vibration playing out in 3D reality. 

The Brow chakra then becomes the location where deep insights and advanced thought can play out.  Based on the quality and force of the Will flowing in the yang channel, the Brow will draw to itself both the yang Chi and the universal energy necessary to meet that vibratory rate.  When the lower will has been aligned with the higher will, the purified yang will draw to itself the clarified universal mind awakening an even greater understanding in the moment (revealed as truth).  Likewise, when the lower will is dominant, the force available to the Brow will equally be diminished.  Typically in this case the yang force has gotten stuck in the Adrenal/Solar Plexus chakras.  Only a small amount of universal mind will be drawn through the Forehead chakras, and it will filter down in the form of guidance as 'how best to change the current patterning'.

Once in the Brow, the dance of light is then directed up to the Crown chakra where it intermingles with the universal Shiva and the yang chi traveling up the Will Channel.  The ray of love (via the Middle Forehead chakra) reflects off of the Brow--which acts as a retina for the 3rd Eye--and activates the Pineal gland in the Crown chakra.

The Manas (Lower Forehead) Chakra

The Lower Forehead chakra, also called the Manas chakra, is located between the Brow and the Middle of the Forehead chakra.  It is associated with chitta, which represents consciousness or psyche in general, rational thought, and memory.  It is also called the 'Wind' Chakra in that is associated with the mind or intellect.  It has a dual representation: On the one hand wind can be purifying, allowing old and stagnant energy to be shaken up and released.  On the other hand it can represent a chaotic, disruptive force adding to confusion in the mind.   The Manas chakra works with the ray of wisdom (see Manas, Lower Forehead Chakras).

The Chandra (Middle Forehead) Chakra

The Middle Forehead chakra is called the Indu or Chandra ("Moon") chakra, and corresponds to various spiritual states of consciousness, essentially accessed through abstract, contemplative thought.  The Chandra chakra is associated with the hypothalamus gland, and thus operates to manage and maintain the balance in the physical hormone system.

The Chandra chakra works with the ray of love and acts to mediate between the Manas and the Upper Forehead chakra (higher inspiration).  Where the Manas chakra most represents the rational mind, the Chandra chakra most represents the artistic, creative, mystical and intuitive mind.  As the ray of love interpenetrates Chandra, a vibratory connection is set up with the Pineal gland.  In this, Chandra represents the yin or negative polarity and the pineal gland provides the yang or positive polarity.  Together they create the faculty where Divine Light (supreme consciousness) is made available to the physical self.  Also called the Buddhi center, Chandra represents the higher mind faculty, providing access to the super-conscious where the Self is united with the universal mind.  Through this connection, the individual has access to the 'akashic records', a vision of their complete karmic history (see Middle Forehead Chakra). 

The Upper Forehead Chakra

The Upper Forehead chakra is located about 2 cm above the normal hairline, and has been referred to as the 'Seventh Eye'.  The Upper Forehead chakra works with the ray of life, and seems to be associated with the Thalamus gland - the highest-positioned gland in the brain.  Through the function of the Thalamus gland, information streaming forth from cosmic consciousness is processed here before being sent to the cortex for interpretation.   The Thalamus operates to align the current information stream with known physical, mental or emotional memory fragments that have already been mapped into the conscious awareness.  Hence, the Upper Forehead chakra works with the adrenal medulla (1st chakra) to release adrenaline for "fight-or-flight" type conditions (see Upper Forehead Chakra).