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The Playing Cards and Their Ancient Origin in Atlantis.

According to 'The Mystic Test Book', a work published in 1893 by Olney Richmond, the playing cards originated in Atlantis and have since been used as Oracles by 'The Mystic Brotherhood' as well as current day card readers (see 'History').

Oracle Cards extends the theories presented in 'The Mystic Test Book' and unveils the mysteries of the science of these symbols.

Visit the 'Tutorial' to view a baseline reference regarding the symbols involved with this system, as well as to gain guidance regarding the mystical aspects, and interactions of these symbols.

Continent of Atlantis

The playing cards represent a symbolic language, handed down to us from our ancestors in Atlantis.  Little of the mystical nature of these cards had been known by the vast population until the publication of Richmonds work described above.  The keepers of this knowledge called themselves 'the ancient order of the magi', and one of their aging members approached Mr. Richmond to informed him that he had been chosen to be his next successor.  The story is truely fascinating, and for the full rendition I recommend reading 'Yenlo and the Mystic Brotherhood', by Arline Richmond.

This website is dedicated to the unfoldment of the knowledge presented in the Mystic Test Book, or what Richmond also called 'The Magic of The Cards.  This latter term has great meaning for me, since after many years of using the system presented here I have found that the cards do indeed speak to me. But it should be known that I do not use the framework of this system as a platform from which to speak about the cards, but rather the framework acts as a sounding board through which I listen to the subtle language of the cards about which I speak.

After years of attempting to simplify the complex nature of the cards as they move through the houses of the framework, I have finally come to realize a simple truth about the suits, and how fundamental they are in relation to our place in humanity.  The discovery was quite by accident, and happened at a time when I was studying the suits that governed each column based on the planetary rulers already established (see Evolution of 7).  At the same time I was studying Carl Jung's work on the 4 Psychological Types in a book of his compiled works 'The Portable Jung'. A direct linkage was automatically identified, but a long time had passed between when I wrote the original article on the suit-column relationship, and the discovery of Jung's profound work.

The 4 Suits are symbols, each representing an independant process that is operating within the human psyche. Carl Jung termed these processes 'psychological functions', and has written extensively on the subject. Here we are exposing the linkage between Jung's psychological functions, and the playing card suits.  They are one in the same.  Jung has grouped these functions into two types: 1.) perceptive functions and 2.) judging functions.  Sensation and Intuition are perceptive functions, while Feeling and Thinking are judging functions.  All 4 of these functions are operating within each person to some degree or another.

Diamond  Feeling  — | —  Thinking Club
The diagram above shows the interaction of the suits, and how they are related to the 4 functions presented by Jung.  See the 4 Psychological Types for a deeper discussion of Jung's work.
The tool on the left has 2 different purposes: 1.) To provide a pictorial view of how I see these 4 functions interacting, and 2.) To give a visual effect of how I envision the 7 chakras (or columns) revolving about the 4th chakra.  See Evolution of 7 for a discussion of this topic.
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